Integrity engineering services

With failure of a component leading to possible human and financial loss, as well as potential environmental costs, it is vital to make sure plant and equipment is well maintained and fit for purpose across all industry.

Vertech have the capability to apply our entire range of Asset Integrity Management Services across a wide range of assets.

Integrity services include:

  • Integrity management strategies, plans and procedures
  • Risk Based Inspection (RBI) methodologies, assessments and plans for pressure vessels, piping, structures, PSVs, etc.
  • Integrity management plans
  • Engineering Assessments and Technical Reporting
  • Inspection and Repair Workpacks
  • Integrity and Inspection data management and systems
  • Documentation / Register Development and / or Review
  • Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS) audit and review at corporate and/or facility level
  • Training and communications strategies and delivery