Coating inspection services

Particularly when implemented in conjunction with our Rope Access capabilities, Vertech’s inspection and testing services can typically be carried out while the component is still in-service.

This can reduce, and even completely remove, the requirement to shutdown the component during inspection.

Vertech inspection personnel are possessed of a breadth of global experience in the field, including inspection of conventional and modern specialised protective coatings and utilising the latest coating inspection and corrosion analysis technology. Further, our inspectors are qualified to NACE, ICORR, BGAS or international equivalent standards and undertake intensive in-house skill gap training to guarantee that Vertech’s diverse list of clients receive first class deliverables.

Our inspection services include but are not limited to:

Close Visual Inspection (CVI) To compile:

  • Coating / Insulation Condition Surveys
  • Re/Ri Scale Rust evaluation (ISO/ European Rating
  • Blister evaluation
  • NON destructive testing:
  • Dry Film Thickness (DFT) Surveys
  • HV Continuity testing (holiday testing)

Non Visible surface contaminant testing:

  • PH, Chlorides, Ferrous ions, Sulphates & Nitrates
  • Destructive testing:
  • Adhesion Testing
  • Hardness testing
  • Took Gauge
  • Hazardous content analysis (Lead, asbestos, Chromates)
  • Compressive strength testing (concrete)
  • Carbonation Testing (concrete)

Cathodic Protection monitoring:

  • Half-cell potential measurements
  • Resistivity Measurements
  • 3rd Party Verification services