Crane inspection & consultation

With a client list that includes many of the major Energy industry operators, Vertech has a proven track record in delivering crane inspection, maintenance and consultancy services.

Having operated in this field for a number of years, our crane inspection and consultancy team boasts a wealth of experience and works closely with clients to ensure their cranes remain compliant, fully-functioning and also have in place robust systems, processes and strategies.

Crane Preventative Maintenance

Through a meticulous repair, maintenance and inspection regime, Vertech ensures that your crane operates in a safe and extremely reliable manner and does not fall foul of compliance violations or component failure. Our Services include:

  • Crane wire rope servicing
  • Preventative Maintenance to hydraulics
  • Bolt torque tensioning and inspections
  • Crane wire rope change replacements
  • Sheave maintenance & Inspections
  • Permanent and temporary coating repairs
  • Mechanical repairs & maintenance
  • Crane Inspection Services

Vertech understands the huge importance of health and safety in the workplace and our crane inspection services help ensure that your equipment remains safe and complies with all relevant legislation for its lifespan. Our inspection services also help mitigate the potential damage to associated process, plant or structure caused by faulty machinery. Inspection Services include:

  • All forms of NDT as required
  • API & Class CVI & GVI Inspections
  • Dropped Object inspections
  • Structural assessment
  • Wire rope NDT & CVI Inspection services
  • Dimension checks
  • Certified API Inspection services
  • Hydraulic equipment inspections
  • Design of Specific Crane inspection plans
  • Comprehensive lifting & rigging arrangement inspections

Crane Consultancy Services

Our driven and vastly experienced personnel are always available to offer support for clients or drive services, including:

  • Maintenance & inspection strategy gap analysis
  • Crane Structural workpacks
  • Crane inspection strategies
  • Crane Technical work instructions
  • Compliance review and Audits
  • 3D Modeling and drafting service