Dropped object prevention

With a dropped object not just having a financial implication – but also posing a threat to the safety of Oil & Gas and Mining & Construction industries personnel – nothing comes before safety for Vertech.

We are an active member of the Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme and frequently participate in seminars and meetings to actively keep abreast of updates and alerts on current industry best practices. The safety of our clients’ personnel is paramount so we diligently share this valuable industry insight and experience to reduce risk to their people while also limiting the potential for damage to plant and equipment.

Vertech boasts a long history of developing and implementing effective Dropped Object Solutions (DROPS) for clients for a range of tasks and projects to ensure that their most valuable of assets – their people – always come home safely.

Vertech’s approach for DROPS Surveys sees us provide our technicians with the following information and tools to help them to effect a safe, effective and efficient campaign:

DROPS surveys

  • Pre Mobilization Briefings
  • Comprehensive Work packs
  • Updated Dropped Object Alerts
  • Approved Dropped Object Calculator
  • Reliable Securing Data and Material
  • Developed Inspection Reporting Systems
  • Previous Data