Confined space

Managing Confined Space work is one of our core business activities.

Vertech prides itself on offering a turnkey Confined Space Entry service including Standby Rescue and supply of Breathing Apparatus, Gas Testing & Rescue Equipment.

With a firm focus on safety, risk management and competence we are able to surmount the many challenges and mitigate the risks of working in difficult environments where the restrictive nature of access/egress, working at heights and complex rescue scenarios are always a factor.

Having worked in a diverse range of CSE environments we have garnered much knowledge and experience that allows us to effectively plan and provide tailored solutions to be executed by our teams of highly-trained, multi-disciplined professionals.

Opting for an Industrial Rope Access system reduces or negates completely the need for traditional staging or scaffolding. The numerous benefits of this include:

  • Safety (less activity, falls and dropped objects are eliminated)
  • Significant cost/time Reduction (sentry, access, standby rescue and work-scope completed by one team)
  • Flexibility (rope access systems are reliable, adaptable, quick to install and can be de-rigged at short notice)
  • Reduced impact on equipment & environment (damage to coatings and structure by scaffold eliminated)