Engineered Web deck system

An alternative to traditional scaffolding, Engineered Web deck is a dynamic and versatile work platform specifically designed for under-deck areas on bridges and jetties.

This versatile system is also suitable for other applications for onshore and offshore facilities and, being quick to install and de-rig, offers significant time and cost savings compared to traditional scaffolding.

Engineered web decking access platform provision and installation is a specialised service offered exclusively by Vertech in Australia and New Zealand.

Benefits of an Engineered Web deck system:

  • The Engineered web deck system has been used extensively around the world and is proven to be an excellent system, especially when safe, rapid access to 100% of members in underdeck areas is required.
  • System is lightweight and minimally affected by wind or water loading whilst maintaining a high load carrying capability to allow for heavy-duty tasks.
  • The Engineered Web deck system boasts full encapsulation capabilities making it possible to perform blasting, painting, hot work and other hazardous activities.
  • #It is possible to strip The Engineered Web deck system from its in situ location in a single shift, meaning system can be fully removed prior to any adverse site conditions or weather (specifically cyclones).
  • The system is fully enclosed, meaning third parties can safely and easily access the deck without rope access training. The side safety netting is constructed of high strength, low stretch nylon materials impregnated with UV stabilisers and fire retardant chemicals.
  • Our IRATA accredited technicians have extensive experience using the Engineered Web deck system to enable safe, easy and unlimited access to under-deck areas on ships, platforms, underside jetty structures, bridges, large tanks and most structures where a large span needs to be accessed. With the system in place, technicians can offer our full range of services including repairs, welding, cutting, steel renewals, blasting, painting and inspection.