UAV services

Vertech boasts a fleet of state-of-the-art Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

These offer an innovative solution to extremely challenging or unsafe tasks, including the close visual and thermal inspection of difficult to access areas of plant, process, structure or accessories such as flare stacks and towers.

Vertech’s highly skilled, trained technicians are able to operate the cyberQuad, a precision engineered robotic aircraft that was the first of its kind to be certified for commercial aviation by NASA and CASA.

Benefits of utilising UAVs include:

  • Access to areas where hazards may be unknown without danger to personnel in both onshore and offshore environments.
  • Thermal inspection prior to rope access/maintenance activities can determine whether or not parent fixtures, pipes etc. are safe which may not be immediately apparent by visual inspection.
  • UAVs can gain access to process areas that would otherwise need to be shut down if inspected via conventional visual inspection. Reduced/eliminated shutdowns means greater profitability of projects.
  • Ability to inspect while operating UAV from a remote location and transmit/save visual feed for later analysis. The HD mounted cameras allow CVI’s to be conducted from recorded footage months after the initial inspection has been carried out.